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Social 9 - The Medeival World


The final Quest. To finish off the year, you will be doing some research about different aspects of the Medeival world. Each of you will be required to go through the quest, similar to how a knight would go on a quest for a king. You will gather information and then report back on what you have learned. Since we only have a limited time to complete this, much of what you will need to discover is provided for you through the links on each page. You will need to access the information and then summarize it in your own words. The questions are located on the pages which you will access by clicking on the links below.


Each link below will take you to a page where you will need to answer a few questions by going through the information that is provided. Now, some of this infromation can also be found in the handouts that I have given to you on each of the topics. You might also look there for some of the answers. You'll notice how similar these title are with those from the handouts. Hmmm, might be a clue!


Also, you can use the following site from World Book. The user name is Canada the password is dickens.  This is a link to the site.   www.worldbookonline.com



The Medieval Church


Charlemagne and the Franks


The Feudal System


The Danes, Normans and English


The Manorial Life


Life of a Knight 


Black Death and the End



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